The WTA rankings are based on a 52-week, cumulative system. A player's ranking is determined by her results at a maximum of 16 tournaments for singles and 11 for doubles.


The tournaments that count towards a playear's ranking are those that yield the highest ranking points during the rolling 52-week period. They must include points from the Grand Slams and Premier Mandatory tournaments; for those players who qualify, ranking points earned at the WTA Finals will count as the 17th bonus tournament. For Top 20 players, their best two results at Premier 5 tournaments (Doha, Rome, Cincinnati, Toronto and Wuhan) will also count.


In order to appear on the WTA rankings, players must earn ranking points in at least three tournaments, or a minimum of 10 singles ranking points or 10 doubles ranking points in one or more tournaments.




Description WFSFQFR16R32R64R128QLFRQ3Q2Q1


GRAND SLAM: Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open

Singles 2000130078043024013070104030202
Doubles 2000130078043024013010-40---


WTA FINALS - Singapore

Singles *1500*1080*750 (+70 per round-robin match played; +160 per round-robin win)
Doubles 15001080750375    



Singles 700440240 (+40 per round robin match; +80 per round-robin win)


PREMIER MANDATORY: Beijing, Indian Wells, Madrid, Miami

96 Singles (48Q) 100065039021512065351030-202
64/60 Singles (32Q) 10006503902151206510-30-202
28/32 Doubles 100065039021512010------


PREMIER 5 (5): Cincinnati, Dubai, Rome, Toronto, Wuhan

56 Singles (64 Q) 900585350190105601-3022151
56 Singles (48/32 Q) 900585350190105601-30-201
28 Doubles 9005853501901051------
16 Doubles 9005853501901-------


PREMIER (12): Birmingham, Brisbane, Charleston, Doha, Eastbourne, Moscow, New Haven, St Petersburg, Stanford, Stuttgart, Sydney, Tokyo

56 Singles 47030518510055301-25-131
32 Singles 470305185100551--2518131
16 Doubles 4703051851001-------


INTERNATIONAL EVENTS (34): Acapulco, Auckland, Bad Gastein, Bastad, Biel, Bogotá, Bucharest, Budapest, Gstaad, Guangzhou, Hobart, Hong Kong,
Istanbul, Katowice, Kuala Lumpur, Linz, Luxembourg, Mallorca, Monterrey, Nanchang, Nottingham, Nürnberg, Prague, Québec City, Rabat, Seoul,
Shenzhen, s'Hertogenbosch, Strasbourg, Taipei City, Tashkent, Tianjin, Tokyo, Washington DC

32 Singles (32Q) 28018011060301--1814101
32 Singles (16Q) 28018011060301--18-121
16 Doubles 280180110601-------


WTA 125K Series

Singles 160955729151--6-41
16 Doubles  1609557291-------



ITF $100,000 +H(32/16)15090552814/11--641-
ITF $100,000(32/16)14085502513/11--641-
ITF $75,000 + H(32/16)1308048241-Dec1--531-
ITF $75,000(32/16)1157042211-Oct1--531-
ITF $50,000 + H(32/16)1006036181-Sep1--531-
ITF $50,000(32/16)804829151-Aug1--531-
ITF $25,000 + H(32/16)603622111-Jun1--2---
ITF $25,000(32/16)50301891-May1--1---
ITF $15,000(32/16)251595Jan-000------
ITF $10,000(32/16)12742Jan-000------

+H indicates that hospitality is provided l * Assumes undefeated round-robin match record